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Healthy Fundraiser Ideas

  • Support Academics
  • Read-a-thon
  • Science fair
  • Spelling bee
  • Geography bee
  • History challenge
  • Workshops or classes
  • Support the Arts
  • Art show
  • Concerts
  • Dances
  • Plays and musicals
  • Talent show
  • Singing telegrams
  • Rent-a-band, choir or music group
  • Support Physical Activity*
  • Dance-Dance Revolution, Line Dancing*
  • Walk-a-thon*
  • Bike-a-thon*
  • Jump-rope-a-thon*
  • Five-mile run/walk or another fun run*
  • Golf, tennis, horseshoe tournaments*
  • Bowling*
  • Skate nights*
  • Family picnic games*
  • Swim classes or swim party*
  • More Activities
  • Garage sale
  • Live auction or silent auction
  • Carnival
  • Giant game of musical chairs
  • Guessing games
  • Car wash
  • Game night
  • Craft show
  • Magic show
  • Fashion shows
  • Movie nights
  • Haunted house
  • Hobby shows
  • Jail auctions
  • Penny war
  • Recycling drive
  • Festivals
  • Bingo night
  • Karaoke competition
  • Chess, checkers or other tournaments
  • Treasure hunt or scavenger hunt
  • Healthful Food Items to Sell
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fruit baskets
  • Dried fruit
  • Nuts
  • Trail mix
  • Fruit smoothie mix
  • Frozen bananas
  • Items To Sell Other Than Food
  • Candles
  • Greeting cards
  • Gift wrap, boxes and bags
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Gift items
  • Coupon books or gift certificates
  • Holiday wreaths, trees or mistletoe
  • Cookbooks, cooking oils and spices
  • Balloons
  • Decorations
  • T-shirts and sweatshirts
  • Books
  • Calendars
  • Buttons and pins
  • Bicycle helmets
  • First aid kits or emergency kits for cars
  • School spirit gear
  • Plants, flowers, poinsettias
  • Brick, stone or tile memorials
  • Special parking space
  • Tickets to sporting or fine arts events
  • Jewelry
  • Valentine flowers
  • Videos and CDs
  • Picnic baskets

Membership Increasing Ideas

Basic Tips

  • 1. Just ASK!
  • 2. Use membership materials in the back-to-school-kit found online at
  • 3. Don’t reinvent the wheel - use State and National PTA resources.
  • 4. Set goals, put them in writing, AND reference them often.
  • 5. Give a short speech at open house, back to school night,orientations, etc.
  • 6. Have a membership table at all school and PTA events; school registration, back to school nights, open house and PTA sponsored events.
  • 7. Create a welcome letter to let parents know what PTA does for the school and their children. Create one to welcome families back at the beginning of the year, as well as one to welcome families mid-year.
  • 8. Be present at kindergarten roundup and transition nights to middle and high school.
  • 9. Reach out to pre-schools who feed into your school.
  • 10. Challenge current members to ask other people to join.
  • 11. Have PTA info available at parent/teacher conferences.
  • 12. Make sure meetings are welcoming. Have a greeter welcome new people who attend. Have board members introduce themselves to people before the meeting.
  • 13. Create a welcome packet for new students and families.
  • 14. Encourage new members to chair committees. They will know different people than you and can recruit new people to serve on the committee and join.
  • 15. Have a collection box in the school office with membership envelopes close by to make it easy to join.
  • 16. Have PTA shirts and/or name tags for the board so everyone knows who you are at school and PTA events.
  • 17. Strive to have a diverse board that reflects the community you serve. People want to join groups where they can see others like them involved.
  • 18. Offer a variety of committees. Examples: Special Needs Committee which would focus on issues dealing with child needs from special to gifted and talented; Male Engagement Committee which would offer programs specifically for males; Diversity Committee which would reach out to diverse families.
  • 19. Encourage Reflections program participants to join PTA.
  • 20. Reach out to new families throughout the year.
  • 21. Work with and support the School Parent Center.
  • 22. Put a “personal membership invitation” in the back to school mailing.
  • 23. Send contact information for all members to your state PTA. This will start to connect local members to their state PTA and National PTA.
  • 24. Make sure families understand that only members are entitled to vote on PTA issues.
  • 25. Make personal asks in person or on the phone.
  • 26. Find an enthusiastic and friendly person to be a volunteer coordinator. They will bring in new people as both members and volunteers.
  • 27. Provide members with name badges to wear at meetings.
  • 28. Encourage members to bring a friend to meetings and events.
  • 29. Let people know that just because they join PTA does not mean they have to volunteer. Sometimes people believe the two are connected.
  • 30. Put up a sign-up board in May, with volunteer opportunities for the following year. Bring it to open house/back to school nights. If people sign up who aren’t members, ask them to join.
  • 31. Develop a “Where the PTA Money Goes” flyer to highlight the spending of your PTA. People may join once they know how money is spent.
  • 32. Ask members from last year to join again this year.
  • 33. Middle and high school PTAs can reach out to the schools that feed into them to get member information of families whose kids are moving to their schools.
  • 34. Place “Join PTA” signs around the school. Consider using a theme such as street signs to get people’s attention. For Example: PTA membership “yields” results. “Stop” and consider the benefits of PTA. There’s only “one way” to get all the support you need. “Do not pass” this opportunity to be a member.


  • 35. Give a short speech at the teachers’ back to school staff meeting.
  • 36. Put info in their box about why PTA needs to keep the “T” in PTA.
  • 37. Establish a good relationship with the principal and staff.
  • 38. Put a poster in the staff lounge letting them know how much PTA appreciates them and their support.
  • 39. Have a membership goal/drive specific for teachers.
  • 40. Ask the principal to encourage staff to join. Don’t forget to thank those who do join.
  • 41. Ask principal for a “casual” day to celebrate PTA.
  • 42. Offer a teacher/staff luncheon if they all join PTA.
  • 43. Share with the principal your goal for 100% faculty and staff participation.
  • 44. Consider adding a teacher board position or having a teacher fill a current board position. This person can create the board connection with all teachers.


  • 45. Have a student membership goal and have a membership drive specific to this goal.
  • 46. Let seniors know that if they join PTA, they can apply for a PTA scholarship in the spring.
  • 47. Have students run a membership table so they can ask their friends to join.
  • 48. Support student members by listening to their ideas, suggestions and needs.
  • 49. Create a student membership campaign where students get other students to join and put their name on the membership as the referral. You could offer the referring student members prizes. The student that brings in the most new members wins something or all students who bring in one or two new people are eligible for something.


  • 50. Solicit businesses for items to use for member drawings.
  • 51. Ask businesses to extend discounts to PTA members.
  • 52. Let community businesses know what PTA has done to support schools and the children.
  • 53. Invite community members outside the school to join; such as school board members, superintendents, teacher union representatives, state legislators, etc.
  • 54. Connect the PTA with a community event like a county fair, a local parade, at a countywide meeting, etc.
  • 55. Ask local stores to hang PTA flyers in their store windows.
  • 56. Ask to have a space to leave copies of your newsletter for visitors while they sit and wait. Local businesses such as doctors’ offices, hairdressers, repair shops and banks are a great place to start.
  • 57. Display winning Reflections entries in municipal building, banks, libraries, or other visible locations.


  • 58. Ongoing communication is key. Use a variety of tools to reach everyone; newsletters, websites, Facebook, Twitter, auto-calls, morning school news, etc.
  • 59. Publicize your meeting and program times and dates as many ways as possible.
  • 60. Send information more than once.
  • 61. Conduct a survey to find out what members and non-members are looking for from the PTA.
  • 62. Have PTA membership and program information included in the school newsletter.
  • 63. Throughout the year, remind people how and where they can join.
  • 64. Welcome and thank new members by name in the PTA meetings and/or school newsletter.
  • 65. Doing a big event? Get local media outlets for cover your event and to highlight supporting the PTA by joining.
  • 66. Send an e-mail to all families encouraging them to join.
  • 67. Prepare radio and TV spots about PTA. Perhaps your high school could do this as a class project.
  • 68. Promote PTA membership on the school website.
  • 69. Promote PTA membership on Facebook.
  • 70. Keep visuals up throughout the year to show progress toward your membership goal.
  • 71. Create a front display case or bulletin board with PTA materials like upcoming events, copies of newsletters, membership applications, a picture of the PTA board, etc. Make it fun!


  • 72. Offer a variety of programs that would be of interest to all people within your PTA community.
  • 73. Balance meetings with family fun nights and programs.
  • 74. Have a translator(s) at all meetings.
  • 75. Participate in the PTA volunteering "Three for Me" program. Go to to get started.
  • 76. Establish a program such as “Compadres” in which 50% Englishspeaking parents meet with 50% of the Spanish-speaking parents.
  • 77. Reevaluate and update programs to keep them fresh and current.
  • 78. Offer a "dads' program" to encourage men to participate. Ask participants to join PTA.
  • 79. Coordinate a "new family social" with the first PTA meeting of the school year. Ask them to join PTA.
  • 80. Host a program in conjunction with your meetings to encourage parents that aren’t members to attend. Consider partnering with the school—PTA meeting followed by literacy night or college planning.
  • 81. Host a PTA dance for students and families to bring together the school and PTA community. Highlight PTA at the event.
  • 82. Offer discounts to members at PTA events that have fees.
  • 83. Grow membership by participating in the School of Excellence program.
  • 84. Offer parent education workshops such as helping your student with homework, teen driving, drug awareness, developmental changes in your middle school student, internet safety, etc.
  • 85. Hold a back to school dinner. Perhaps a local restaurant would cater for free or reduced cost. Decide whether to charge for dinner. Cost could include membership, as long as the individual agrees to be a PTA member.
  • 86. Sponsor coffees in the morning following evening meetings to update members who were unable to attend.
  • 87. Invite the Reflections program winners to join.
  • 88. Highlight teachers and staff members during Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • 89. Have a homework area for kids during PTA meetings.
  • 90. Offer qualified school-aged child care at PTA meetings


  • 91. Hold a membership contest between classes or grade levels.
  • 92. Create a fun membership growth theme; for example: March Madness. You can have a target growth chart that is a basketball hoop and you add a picture of a basketball reaching up to the hoop as you reach your goal.
  • 93. Have a poster or slogan contest for students for membership.
  • 94. Have a membership contest with the winning class winning a prize such as a magic show, for example. Make it fun for the kids. Place a paper magic hat outside the classroom and each time they get a new member, place a bunny on the hat. One class from each grade wins the magic show.
  • 95. Hold membership drawings. For example, get a couple of turkeys donated and have a drawing before Thanksgiving.
  • 96. Do something fun to celebrate your members. Create something like a member tree in the front hallway that has the members on the leaves (names on leaves) and teacher members could be apples on the tree.
  • 97. Provide members with a free school/student directory.
  • 98. Reach for the stars and put member’s names on stars on a poster or hanging from the ceiling. Stars could be color coded to represent parents, teachers, students, and community members.
  • 99. Hold a membership give-away drawing for student PTA members. Make the prize relevant to students.
  • 100. Plant a flower bulb for each member in a prominent location and watch it flourish.
  • 101. Cut a picture of your school into the number of pieces equal to your membership goal. As members join, put the pieces together.

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